Corona Virus Update – VITRU

Corona Virus Update

To Our Valued Customers:

Lasted Updated: 5/16/2020

4/10/2020 Update:  All MEDUSA, INGRAM, DEBUT, ESCO, LUX, BELVUE, STRATOS and VITRU Jewelry* Orders now come with a FREE Black Cloth Face Mask.

As of today, many people are now required by law to wear face masks out in public. We found that Black Cloth Face Masks were totally sold out online and our local grocery stores were charging $10+ for 1 Face Mask.

VITRU wants to make sure our community is safe and healthy during these uncertain times so at no extra charge we are sending you a high quality VITRU Black Face Mask with every order*.  


As we – along with the rest of the global community at large – continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to let you know that your experience, and the safety of our employees, is still top of mind for us.

Here are some FAQs regarding our services and operations:

What if I can’t return my item within the 30-day window as a result of quarantines?
As of March 25, 2020, we’re extending our Return Policy from 30 to 60 days in order to provide you with some increased flexibility. You can send us an email and we’ll assist you accordingly.


Should I expect a delay with my order?

Please note there is a potential for delays when processing shipments and/or returns as a result of our carrier’s reduced service and time required to ensure warehouse safety for all staff. Additionally, we’ve temporarily stopped offering expedited shipping and hope to resume this offering as soon as we’re able. Processing times are 1-5 Days (Average Time is 26 hours).


How long is shipping going to take?

Below is an updated graph of quarantine shipping delays. Duration is in Business days (Monday - Friday) which is when our carriers operate. Please note that customer who chose Priority Express Shipping at checkout will not have an increase in shipping times.

Destination Duration

United States, Canada


10-35 days

United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria


15-35 days

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland


15-35 days
Rest of Europe
25-35 days

Japan, China, Hong Kong, South-Korea, Singapore


25-35 days

Australia, New-Zealand


20-30 days
Rest of the World
25-35 days


There's no update? What's going on with my order?
We are seeing an increase in variability in shipping times and custom delays. Again, this is due to the government mandated quarantine. To illustrate, below is a screenshot of 5 VITRU domestic orders (USA) all placed on the same day (4/15/2020) for the same product for similiar destinations.


As you can see some domestic orders have slight delays while others are still pending delivery. Please understand we are doing our best in communicating with USPS and DHL to resolve delays but we have no control over shipments once they leave our facility. However, as a VITRU customer you completely covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

How and when can I access customer service?

Our Customer Care hours are 7 AM–12 AM EST, Sunday through Saturday. You can reach our team via Live FB Chat or via email – all found within the footer on our website.

If you placed an order within the last 30 days and have not received your item please contact our Customer Care at and include your name and VITRU order number.

Or you may access order tracking details yourself here with our app.


How are you keeping your employees safe within your distribution centers?

We, and our partners, are closely monitoring and following all CDC and WHO protocols. We are regularly deep cleaning all high-touch surfaces throughout the day and are practicing social distancing by dividing our employees into four teams, each of whom uses a separate building entrance and separate lavatory facilities. We’ve reduced unnecessary movement throughout our distribution centers and continue to ensure that the health and safety of our employees remains our top priority. For any team members who may be feeling unwell, we are encouraging them to remain home and use sick leave as applicable. 

Is it safe to order online / open my package or box from VITRU?
In an effort to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would encourage customers to wipe down outer boxes received from online purchases with sanitizing wipes or spray and cloth.

*Sources: National Institute of Health. Centers for Disease Control.

Are you offering any special discounts at this time?
We are continuing to offer discounts for students, teachers, and military service members, as we have in recent years. More information can be found in the footer of our website. Additionally, we continue to offer promotions and new product offerings to our Members which are communicated straight to your inbox from VITRU
While we remain dedicated to supporting the pursuit of your purpose in life, right now our united purpose is making sure we all get through this as quickly and safely as possible.
We are working hard to deliver the innovative styles you love and will provide regular updates on those efforts as the situation continues to evolve. Thank you for your continued loyalty to VITRU.